Sydney Miller devoted her life to companion animals. She always had a special place in her heart for the homeless and helpless animals of Lander and the surrounding community. No animal that came to her door was turned away without a means to survive, and countless animals have received a second chance at life with a loving family because of her.


Syd founded the Lander Pet Connection in 1996 as an organization devoted to the care and placement of helpless and abandoned companion animals for our community. Her dream was that all abandoned animals would have a safe and loving environment to reside in until each one of them could be placed with new families for their second chance at life. During Syd’s tenure on the board of directors for the organization, she helped establish relationships with local veterinaries and boarding houses to hold and care for these animals, and worked diligently to secure the funding to provide for their needs while in the care of the Pet Connection. On numerous occasions Syd even took animals into her own home. Syd wanted more than anything to establish a shelter for our community, but all the while putting the very immediate needs of animals in our community first.


The number of lives Syd touched is immeasurable. From the four legged friends that came to her hungry and helpless to the people that reached out to make these pets part of their family, countless connections were made in our community, connections that made our community a better place for all the creatures that reside here.


The Lander Pet Connection was born of Syd’s vision and continues today in honor and remembrance of her and her dream that no companion animal should wander the streets of our community abandoned and helpless.


The Founder’s Fund has been established for all memorials made to the Lander Pet Connection in honor and remembrance of Sydney Miller.  Donations to this fund will be used to provide for the basic and immediate needs of animals in our care.

In October, 2011, LPC proudly opened their own facility. This was built with many generous donations from local individuals and contractors and grants from foundations. We started with a mortgage of $82,500; board officers believed enough in this project that they personally guaranteed this loan to secure financing. Building this facility allowed us to increase the number of animals we save while keeping our largest expense - boarding - fixed.


Because building one facility wasn’t enough stress, we constructed a second facility - this one to keep our LPC animals safe when bringing in new dogs.  The new facility allows us to get to know them while making sure they are not carrying contagious diseases. It is important to keep unknown dogs separate from boarding dogs in any situation. Our new facility also features in/out kennels for every dog and a separate run yard.

This was a huge undertaking was only been dreamed about.  Many, many thanks to all the contractors, benefactors and volunteers who helped us build the Syd Miller Animal Rescue and Adoption Center. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and hope folks will drop by to check out our facility, see what retail products we offer, meet our animals and, more importantly, see what can be accomplished when a community really pulls together!


Since opening our doors in October, 2011, we have been able to 1000s of animals - and the community as well.


Stop by any day - Noon - 2pm - and you will see our “free range” cats that have full run of our office facility. Often there is a volunteer socializing them and giving them the love so many of them have learned to cherish. Our dogs have in/out access during the day so they can soak up the sun or cool off inside at their own choosing. Or they can run in and out a million times a day!  The dogs get to run in a large area three times a day, often playing with a buddy or going on a walk with a volunteer instead. 

We've come a long way - Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters, employees - and especially Syd Miller - for setting us on this journey of helping animals in the Lander, WY and surrounding areas.


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