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The Lander Pet Connection is a very small organization of unpaid volunteers dedicated to saving the homeless and abandoned companion animals of Lander. We are a no-kill shelter. Every animal that enters our facility is kept until a loving home is found. Once an animals comes to our facility we cover all costs associated with boarding, feeding, fostering, spaying and neutering, medical treatment, training, exercising, socializing all animals. In addition we fund all activities associated with finding the animals safe and nurturing homes through networking and advertising. Our operating budget is tiny - entirely donation and grant funded. We have no governmental support - often performing a job that is normally the responsibility of a city or county government. We continually struggle to survive, but we love animals with a passion and are extremely fortunate to have so many supporters!

Thank You for Your Support!

And a special Thank You to every person who ever dropped off supplies, or wrote us a check, or came out and spent time with the animals ..... your support means so much!

Got Mice? Adopt a Barn Cat.
Supporting a barn cat is a safe and inexpensive way to control the rodent population. There are no poisons for children and pets to get into and no need to set nasty traps - an environmentally friendly pest control system.
Click here for information and application.
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